Some of my favourite artists

Some of my favourite artists include David Hockney, Georgia O’Keefe, Max Escher. There are many others, including Christo and Pol Bury. However, these are the ones that I instantly think of, when someone asks me to name a favourite. In many respects, their work is very different, one from the other.

David Hockney is in some ways the least abstract of the three. In particular, I like his Big Splash series, paintings that he created while he lived in California. Several of these works included swimming pools. Although they are quite poster-like in their representation, they convey a sense of being there.

David Hockney

Georgia O’Keefe on the other hand painted hyper blown flowers, which I admire. But I prefer her desert landscapes, showing the harsh, barren landscape of the New Mexico climate and the simplicity of the buildings.

Georgia O’Keeffe

And Max Escher represents fantasy worlds, using both his graphic and mathematical expertise. Looking at his etchings is like an escape into a sci-fi world.

MC Escher

What connects some of my favourite artists for me? I suppose that the visual of the subject matter is one thing. And quite possibly the mastery of the techniques used.

But all three artists’ works attract me on some deeper, emotional level, that is almost like getting into a book, where one can imagine far more than the visual or written idea.

Christo is a landscape artist who works on massive projects often encompassing buildings, bridges or even an island in fabric.

Pol Bury, a Belgian sculptor worked with kinetic sculpture.

I have had the immense pleasure of seeing the works of three of these stellar artists, in my lifetime. Really amazing!

In the end, that is a primary reason for the arts: visual, written, acted, danced, played, sung-they all involve one to go inside oneself and touch something quite primal and very important.

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