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Clothing & Apparel


It is my hope, that the woman who owns one of my silk or cotton scarves feels that she has an item that is something completely exclusive. Scarves are an inexpensive, feminine and classy accessory any woman can use. They can compliment a blouse, dress or jacket. A scarf can enhance any outfit and make a compelling fashion statement.


My cotton tunics were sewn for me in Jaipur, India, using my much loved & well travelled tunic, as a pattern. These tunics look amazing with leggings, wide kimono style pants or skirts of various lengths. They can be dressed up or down, very versatile.

Daypacks & Bags

Naturally hand-dyed daypacks are very comfortable to wear and sit snugly against the back. Perfect for a day at a festival, or a trip to the market, each comes equipped with a small hidden pocket on the inside. 

Napkins & Makers Fabric

Napkins & Tablecloths

Mix and match these naturally dyed napkins for special meals with family and friends. And pair them up with a unique linen tablecloth. Each napkin and tablecloth is dyed and designed separately making them unique in colour and design. They are ideal for any occasion, including daily meals. Naturally dyed fabrics pair very well with each other, regardless of colour.

Naturally-Dyed Eco Fabrics

These up-cycled damask linen and cotton fabrics are ideal, as a piece for a sewing project, such as part of a quilt. Or they can become a part of a clothing item, scarf, change purse, pillow cover, handbag. So many possibilities!

Wall Art


Airbrushed paintings on canvas and paper. In my paintings, I use many layers of transparent paint on opaque, to give depth and the illusion of floating.


During a trip to Hawai’i (2014) I began a series of collages. Since I have a need to be engaged in some form of creativity when travelling, I decided that collages would be easy to transport and work on. In each piece, I cut out Lotuses and added pencil and coloured pencil drawing. In Hawai’i I finished 4 collages, completed  7 more during a trip to Thailand (2015) and most recently, 6 in India. Prior to my trips, I painted over 100 Lotuses.

All Products

All Products

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