Maija Zemitis

All of my naturally dyed and ecoprinted fabrics are designed and hand dyed, by myself, in my small studio, in central Ontario, Canada.

My customers have described my naturally dyed fabrics as eye-catching and desirable

These unique items are perfect gifts for a special friend or for yourself. Some of my naturally dyed/ecoprinted items include: Tunics, Daypacks, Scarves, Table Napkins, Tablecloths and lengths of fabric.


It is my hope, that the woman who owns one of my silk or cotton scarves feels that she has an item that is something completely exclusive.  Scarves are an inexpensive, feminine and classy accessory any woman can use. They can compliment a blouse, dress or jacket. A scarf can enhance any outfit and make a compelling fashion statement.


My cotton tunics were sewn for me in Jaipur, India, using my much loved & well travelled tunic, as a pattern. These tunics look amazing with leggings, wide kimono style pants or skirts of various lengths. They can be dressed up or down, very versatile.


Lovingly made with the commitment and skill of an accomplished artist, my linen and cotton napkins are one of a kind. By using natural fabric napkins, there is no longer a need for disposing of paper ones! Eco-friendly linen and cotton napkins are long lasting, ultra absorbent. Linen in particular is anti bacterial and dries quickly. Each washing will make these napkins softer.

Use these naturally dyed napkins for daily meals or for those special meals, with family and friends. Each napkin is dyed and designed separately making them unique in colour and pattern. These linen and cotton napkins are ideal, as a piece for a sewing project, such as part of a quilt or they can become a part of a clothing item, scarf, change purse, pillow cover, handbag. There are so many possibilities!


I use natural fibres including cotton, linen and silk in my natural dyeing processes. Here I am wearing my kimono style linen jacket, which I made with several naturally dyed and eco printed linen napkins.

Due to my desire to help preserve the environment, I use up-cycled fabrics, which I find in local thrift shops

Hand dyed and printed items take much time and effort. Each dye colour is prepared separately and requires a minimum of one hour in the dye pot. Some of the natural dyes I use are Madder, Indigo, Logwood, Himalayan Rhubarb, Goldenrod, Sappanwood, Lac, Cutch and Osage Orange. These dyes are colourfast and will not wash out. But, with time and wear, they may fade slightly giving them a beautiful tone and much character.

I use a variety of surface design techniques such as Shibori, stencilled natural dye pastes and eco printing, with leaves and blossoms.

Made with care and passion, each individual item is unique

Please allow for some slight imperfections that are the result of the hand dyeing process.

Care of: to keep these naturally dyed items in pristine condition, wash them in cold water, using mild soap. Then hang to dry and iron.

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