Shadows and Lighting

Lighting is incredibly important for photographing all types of artwork. In the case of my pleated fabrics, lighting is of utmost concern, as the shadows created by the pleats are an integral part of the final piece! They give the impression of the textile popping out, as well as more depth.


Shadows and lighting adds a 3-dimensional effect

This composition was made with four up-cycled damask linen napkins. Each napkin was dyed individually with natural dyes (Cutch and Himalayan Rhubarb). Afterwards, they were eco printed with leaves. Eventually, all the napkins were sewn together into one piece, then pleated.

The photo on the left shows the artwork using existing lighting; the photo on the right was taken with spotlights aimed at the artwork.


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Hi. I'm Maija.

Producer of one of a kind fabrics, I am a Visual/Textile Artist at MaiTribe Studio Gallery, in central Ontario, Canada.

My life and art have been inspired by my travels  to countries such as Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Bali and India.

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