“Hawai’i” collage


The collage “Hawai’i” is one of four in a series entitled “Ainanani”. I produced these collages, while I was visiting four of the lush Hawaiian islands. 

This collage measures 30cm x 46cm and is mounted on foam core. The listed price is for unframed work; please contact me for framing options and prices.


Each collage is a unique piece of art. All collages are signed by the artist, Maija Zemitis.

During recent visits to Hawai’i, Thailand and more recently India, I worked on a series of collages, based on the Lotus flower. The lotus flower represents an awakening, spiritual growth, and enlightenment. Before embarking on my trips, I made a small portfolio which fit into the bottom of my suitcase and then packed paper, painted Lotuses, coloured pencils, scissors and glue. 

In each collage, I assembled cut-out Lotuses and then added pencil and coloured pencil drawing. 

In Hawai’i I finished 4 collages and 7 more, during a later trip to Thailand (2015). Prior to my trips, I painted over 100 Lotuses. During my recent trip to India, I made 5 collages. 

Peace, calm, relaxation

My customers have said that my artworks elicit feelings of peace, calm and relaxation making this wall art ideal for restful spaces at home.

They are also perfect for workspaces such as yoga studios, spas or wellness centres! This original collage makes a perfect gift for a friend or family member, an art lover or for yourself.

I welcome any questions related to this item, from serious buyers.

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coral, Gray, Green, marigold, olive green, Purple, umber, violet, Yellow


Abstract, leaves, Lotus