Tibetan Panel coat

During my winter trip to Kerala, India, I undertook a challenge from one of my FB groups, which was to make a Tibetan Panel coat.

My finished Tibetan Panel coat

Prior to leaving, I had dyed 3 lengths of up-cycled cotton fabric. I also did some shibori stitch resist as well as eco printing, on the fabric. The dyes I used were: Sappanwood and Lac from India, Peruvian Chilca, and Logwood and Pomegranate dyes from Maiwa. I also dyed with some locally sourced Sumac. I had bought the pattern through Folkwear Patterns. And I had purchased some raw silk thread.

Once in Kerala, I laid out the pattern pieces, of the Tibetan Panel coat, on the fabric

To my dismay, I discovered that I didn’t have enough fabric to do each section. So, I improvised and used two different pieces to make up one pattern section. Voila! Problem solved.

Then I began the work of hand stitching the pieces together, to make the Panel coat. I worked at it daily for three weeks.

The coat was finished by the time I arrived back home. But I still needed to finish off the seam edges

I looked through my pieces of unused, dyed fabric and decided that some indigo and shibori strips would be ideal. And it was done!

This Tibetan Panel coat will look great with a long sleeved top and loose fitting trousers. It’s quite warm to wear, so I will wait until the autumn before I begin to enjoy it!


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