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Block printed textiles in Jaipur

Spending some days viewing (and buying) Block printed and dyed textiles in Jaipur and nearby Sanganer are like days full of sunshine! Many tours in Jaipur, the Pink City are organized specifically for textiles and shopping. A visit to this

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Cotton fabric dyed with Sappanwood

Cotton fabric dyed with Sappanwood was my new project, after having completed 20 cotton tunics over  seven months. I have decided to spend the next period on dyeing lengths of cotton, linen and quite possibly silk fabrics. The intention is

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Three natural dyes

Three natural dyes, using locally sourced raw materials, that’s what I will be using to dye the next few cotton tunics. https://maijazemitis.com/finishing-up-my-naturally-dyed-tunics/ Over the past three days, I have prepared sumac berry, acorn and walnut dyes. I have also made a

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