“Carefree Passage” mixed media collage


A mixed media collage, “Carefree Passage” is an unframed collage. It is mounted on foam core and measures 30cm x 46cm. The listed price is for unframed work; please contact me for framing options and prices.


Mixed media collage

Each one of my collages is a unique piece of art, integrating airbrush, pencil and coloured pencil drawing techniques.

Upon my return home from Thailand, this collage was the second one that I completed. I added a new element, that of a decaying Lotus leaf. This art work shows three parts of the cycle of life- youth (the bud), adulthood (the flower in it’s prime), maturity (the decaying leaf). A companion piece to “Tranquil Clarity”, both collages show a representation of the cycles of life. The use of colours and composition link both of these collages together.

During recent visits to Thailand, Hawai’i and more recently India, I worked on a series of collages, based on the Lotus flower.
The lotus flower represents an awakening, spiritual growth, and enlightenment.

Before embarking on my trips, I made a small portfolio which fit into the bottom of my suitcase and then packed paper, painted Lotuses, coloured pencils, scissors and glue. In each piece, I cut out Lotuses and added pencil and coloured pencil drawing. In Hawai’i I finished 4 collages and 7 more, during a later trip to Thailand (2015). Prior to my trips, I painted over 100 Lotuses. During my recent trip to India, I made 5 collages.

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Brown, Gray, Green, lavender, Lime green, marigold, orange, sienna, umber, Yellow


Abstract, leaves, Lotus