Latvian Quilts in Ailsa Craig

Last weekend I drove to see the Latvian Quilts exhibit in Ailsa Craig. A small village in Southern Ontario Ailsa Craig was hosting this show for 6 days.

The community of Ailsa Craig welcomed the Latvians by hanging their own quilts outside their homes

As well, many businesses displayed quilts in their windows. There were many attendees, when we were there. However, organizers said that the first couple of days were so packed with people, it was difficult to see some of the work.

During the week, some of the quilters also offered workshops. That would have been a great experience.

In total, more than 130 quilts were on display, created by 11 quilters

Additionally, there were several hand made Latvian folk costumes.

I spoke briefly with a few of the artists. Generally speaking, this is a group of young artisans, some being in their 30’s. They were pleased with the show’s turnout and especially to meet with the many Latvian-Canadians, who came from different communities to meet the quilters and to see the exhibit.

While quite a few of the quilts were traditional in style, many more were abstract. Colours were vibrant and muted, one quilt done in gold, another in silver. A variety of techniques were used, including free motion sewing and naturally dyed fabrics. Inspiring techniques! Making me want to start sewing again.

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