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Thanksgiving or being Grateful

Already Thanksgiving! This is the last long weekend before the Christmas break and generally the last weekend when cottagers come up to visit.

Why do we celebrate Thanksgiving?

To give thanks for their good fortune and the abundance of food, farmers in Europe held celebrations at harvest time; when they came to the New World, they brought this tradition with them. In 1621, in what is now the United States, the Pilgrims (English colonists who had founded a permanent European settlement at Plymouth, Massachusetts) celebrated their harvest in the New World. By the 1750’s, this joyous celebration was brought to Nova Scotia by American settlers. During Thanksgiving, we celebrate the harvest and other blessings of the past year. In Canada, we celebrate this occasion on the second weekend of October while in the States, it is recognized on the fourth Thursday of November.

Maple leaves changing colour

In our house this year, we celebrated with good friends, enjoying a bountiful meal, good conversation and cheer!

Turkey is the common food in most households during Thanksgiving, but we decided to make an Indonesian meal instead: salmon with sambal, fried rice, cole slaw and wine.  Everyone pitched in with cooking and preparing the table. We ate heartily, so reserved our pumpkin pie for the following day, at our friends’ house. So wonderful to spend time in the company of friends-so much to be thankful for!

The weather was fantastic! Sunny and warm temperatures. The leaves are slowly starting to change colour, but with recent high winds, many of the trees are already bare. Bright coloured leaves were few and far between during our Thanksgiving walk. The forecast for later this week is- chance of snow flurries! brrrrrr!

IMG_3161 (1)
With my pups
IMG_3189 (1)
Fall colours in Ontario


Our annual Studio Tour (Around the Sound) ended a couple of years ago, but a few visitors came by to take a look at my newest work and to shop.


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