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Seven day black and white challenge

One of my friends invited me to participate in the Facebook online seven day black and white challenge. The challenge was to post a daily black and white image, without any explanations, words or people in the pictures.

The images that I included in the challenge were of nature, most of them taken in my daily environment and a couple from my travels


My little garden pond is active throughout the warm seasons, especially the summertime, when resident frogs, snakes, birds and other creatures come for a visit. As fall is here and winter is approaching, the remaining plants have taken on magical appearances.

With all the marvels of technology, it’s easy to convert a colour photo to black and white and vice versa. As well, each image can be reworked into infinite possibilities with the use of various filters and colour ranges.


On a walk with my pups, we hiked through a section of field, where the grasses were turning to brown and the leaves had fallen. The saturation has been changed in the black and white version, in order to give the grasses a softer appearance.

I find the resulting comparisons between the original colour version and the changed black and white one to have a different impact on the viewer


These are stones that someone piled into towers and a mini Inukshuk, on the beach where I live. It’s somewhat a primal satisfaction to arrange these smooth stones into structures. People regularly make these little sculptures and it’s a real treat coming upon them.


This is an image of one of my day lilies, in my garden. It’s a very pale yellow, quite an uncommon colour for day lilies.


On our drive home from British Columbia, one year ago this past October, we drove through the magnificent Canadian Rockies! This is one of many shots that I took, as we were driving. I find this image to be very powerful, in black and white!


I love India and have been going there regularly, since I retired, from my teaching career. This winter will be my fourth visit to this spectacular country. During my upcoming trip, I will again volunteer at Wildlife SOS, near Mathura. They provide sanctuary for abused Sloth Bears and Elephants. This is one of their beautiful girls.


My final image of this seven day challenge is a pot of acorns in water, which I simmered for several hours, in order to make a natural dye. The result was a caramel brown colour.

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My life and art have been inspired by my travels  to countries such as Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Bali and India.

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