Vintage linen tablecloth eco-prints and brown background


This vintage linen tablecloth has a rustic look, with eco-prints and natural dyes giving a warm shade of brown and charcoal leaf imprints. The size of this beautiful, vintage tablecloth is 160 cm x 114 cm (63″ x 45″).

Drawn thread work adds to the design of this fabric.



Renew, Preserve, Recycle

This earthy linen table cloth, while rustic in design and colour guarantees a second look! Fetching in the dining room or to decorate any table, it is ideal for daily use as well as for special occasions.

It has been eco-printed using local leaves.

Linen is an ideal fabric choice since the fibre is very robust. This fibre guarantees high quality and an enduring fabric. It is also quick drying.

My fabrics have been lovingly dyed and designed, with the commitment and skill of an accomplished artist. Unique in colour and design, each one of my textiles is dyed and eco printed separately. They are all works of art!

What is the Eco printing or Botanical printing process?

Basically, this process allows for leaves and blossoms to be transferred to materials such as paper, fabric, clay, and leather. The leaf matter is placed on the substrate (fabric etc), then bundled and steamed. Or boiled. That is the basis of this technique.

Made with care and passion, each individual item, in my shop is unique. All of my naturally dyed items are designed and hand dyed, by myself, in my small studio, in central Ontario, Canada.

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Brown, charcoal, chocolate brown


Abstract, leaves


leaves, Linen, natural dyes