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"What you seek is seeking you"


“What you seek is seeking you” is an airbrushed painting on canvas, measuring 55cm x 45cm. The theme is that of Lotuses blossoms, in subdued shades of pink, orange, lavender and marigold. Although the painting has been stretched on a wooden frame, it does not have an outside frame. Please contact me for framing options and prices.


Since recent visits to Hawai’i, Thailand and India, my theme is based on the Lotus flower

The lotus flower represents an awakening, spiritual growth, and enlightenment. Each painting is a unique piece of art. During my visits to South east Asia and India, I was overwhelmed by the peoples’ spiritual offerings. The colours and textures of the natural surroundings, in these locations and the dynamic textiles added another dimension. Both the Buddhist and Hindu rituals were at once humbling and mind-boggling to me.

My customers have described my artwork as calming and inspiring

This painting is a perfect gift for an art lover or for oneself. A serene setting such as a spa, yoga studio or home office would be a perfect match.

For many years, my artwork has portrayed the sublime beauty of nature, with recurring themes of water, stones and organic shapes. Following my first trip to India, the theme of my art work shifted from beach stones to the Lotus blossom. In Hinduism and in Buddhism, the lotus flower represents purity of body, mind, and spirit.

I welcome any questions related to this item, from serious buyers.

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lavender, marigold, orange, Pink