Natural dyes on up-cycled cotton napkins



Natural dyes on up-cycled cotton napkins make them sustainable and give used items a new life. This beautiful pair of napkins have been hand dyed using Osage Orange and Madder natural dyes.

In addition to dyeing, I have used shibori stitch resist technique and stencils

These napkins go together well, with other similar tones. Their size is approximately 38 cm x 38 cm (15″ square), with a finished hem, and both have a a delicate, woven design.

Each napkin is hand dyed separately making them unique in colour and design

Cotton napkin in a pot of Osage Orange dye


They are ideal for any occasion, including daily meals or for those special meals, with family and friends.

These cloth napkins have been lovingly made with the commitment and skill of an accomplished artist.

Machine wash cold, with a mild detergent, then tumble dry and iron.

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copper, gold, Pink


Abstract, arashi shibori, stripes, wavy


cotton, natural dyes