Madder and Indigo on vintage linen table runner


This exquisite vintage, linen fabric has been hand dyed using Indigo and Madder natural dyes, with shibori and stencil technique. Finished edges and a floral woven design increase the value of this fabric. It measures 88cm x 43cm (35″ x 17″). Being an upcycled fabric makes it sustainable and gives it a new life!

Linen guarantees high quality and is an enduring fabric. It is also quick drying.


Verve and Elegance

This vintage linen table runner is hand dyed using Indigo and Madder natural dyes, with shibori and stencil technique.

Unique in design and colour, it guarantees a second look. Attractive in the kitchen, dining room, hallway or bedroom it is ideal for everyday use as well as for special occasions.

Linen is an ideal, perfect fabric choice since the fibre is very strong.

To guarantee high quality and an enduring fabric, a lower thread count is needed. It is also quick drying.

My fabrics have been dyed and designed, with the commitment and skill of an accomplished artist.

Each item is dyed separately, making it unique, in both colour and design.

The steps of Natural Dyeing

Firstly, the fabric must be scoured. Next is mordanting. In the case of cellulose fibres (linen, cotton, flax), the fabric is usually soaked first in a tannin bath. Finally, the fabric is put into a mordant bath. The mordant attaches the dye particles to the fabric. Mordants are necessary in all natural dyeing in order for the dye to “bite” or take hold in the fabric. Once these steps are completed, the fabric is ready to be dyed.

Indigo dye works differently than other natural dyes. The fabric is dipped into the Indigo vat many times, for varying lengths of time. More dips, in the indigo vat means the shade of blue is darker.

Hand dyed and printed items, such as this table runner take much time and effort. Each dye colour is prepared separately and requires a minimum of one hour in the dye pot.

Please allow for some slight imperfections that are the result of the hand dyeing process. Due to the nature of natural dyes, the colours vary in different lighting conditions and they change over time. That is the beauty of the natural dye process!

This is a perfect gift for a special friend or for yourself. My customers have described my naturally dyed items as eye-catching and desirable.

It is important to note that colours can appear different from one computer to the next. 

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