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Madder and Goldenrod natural dyes on linen


Madder and Goldenrod natural dyes revived this upcycled, damask linen napkin. Stitch resist and stencil techniques made the designs. This fabric has a woven damask design.

The size is approximately 52cm x 55cm (20″ x 21.5 “), with a finished hem. This damask linen fabric takes time to complete. The process of natural dyeing is lengthy. I take great care in creating my designs.


The conservation of used fabric

Sustainable methods give new life to this upcycled fabric. Renewal means that a new item is created. The purpose is extended and landfills have a bit less added to them.

Madder and Goldenrod natural dyes

Local Goldenrod was sourced for this napkin. My Madder crop is in it’s second year. Next year it will be ready to harvest. I’m looking forward to seeing and using my own Red dye!

Some of my natural dyes are sourced locally. Additionally, I have grown some in my own garden. Other dyes are bought from reliable companies.

Make it personal

This upcycled linen fabric is ideal, as a piece for a sewing project, such as part of a quilt. Or it can become a part of a clothing item, scarf, change purse, pillow cover, handbag, or other.

An Indigo dyed scarf (below) is an example of how these upcycled napkins can be created into a stunning and personal item.

My fabrics have been lovingly dyed and designed, with the commitment and skill of an accomplished artist.


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bronze, pale brick orange, Yellow


Abstract, leaves, shibori


damask linen, natural dye pastes, natural dyes