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Habotai Silk dyed with acorn, madder and cochineal natural dyes


Habotai Silk dyed with acorn, madder and cochineal natural dyes

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Introducing a gorgeous acorn, madder, cochineal naturally dyed Habotai silk scarf. It measures 167cm x 32cm. It truly is a piece of wearable art!

Habotai silk scarf dyed with acorn, madder and cochineal natural dyes, using Arashi shibori technique

Scarves are an inexpensive, feminine and classy accessory any woman can use.

My scarves are designed in a large variety of colours and styles. I use different fabrics (silk, cotton, linen)

My unique, acorn, madder and cochineal naturally dyed Habotai silk scarf can be used in several ways

It can be a complimentary accessory piece to a blouse, dress or jacket. Other options are to wear it as a head wrap or even as a sash. Scarves enhance any outfit and make compelling fashion statements.

It is my hope, that the woman who owns one of my scarves feels that she has an item that is uncommon, something completely exclusive. This is wearable art, that can be worn often and in various situations, whether at work or at play. I expect that she would use my scarf as an expression of her individuality.

For insight into some of my experiments with shibori and natural dyes techniques, I have described them in these short texts:

I studied printmaking at Montreal Museum of Fine Art, School of Art & Design, then went on to study Fine Art and Art Education, at University. For many years, I practiced silkscreen technique. Now, I am working with natural dyes and Indigo shibori techniques.

My recommendations to keep this unique airbrushed silk scarf in pristine condition: wash in warm or cold water, with a mild soap, then hang it to dry.