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Ecoprinted Indigo Linen Napkins


Ecoprinted Indigo Linen Napkins handdyed with circle and leaf designs make a unique pair. These linen napkins have been hand dyed and stitched individually.

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It’s easy to appreciate this unique pair of ecoprinted Indigo linen napkins, which have been individually hand dyed.

Ecoprinted Indigo Linen Napkins

Natural dyes on up-cycled linen napkins make them sustainable. This gives used items a new life. The size of each Indigo linen table napkin is 39 cm x 39 cm (15″ square). Additionally, what makes these napkins ultra special is the stitched design within the fabric!

Linen is my fabric of choice for several reasons. The fibre is very strong. To guarantee high quality and an enduring fabric, a lower thread count is needed. Since linen is faster drying than cotton, it is a great choice of fabric.

Known for its absorbency, linen can absorb up to 20% of its weight in moisture

Elegant napkins and tablecloths are often made with fine linen. It is soft to the touch and easy to care for. Paired with an attractive linen tablecloth, dining becomes a special experience.

This pair of ecoprinted Indigo linen napkins hand dyed with circle and leaf designs are ideal for any occasion. Use them for daily meals or for those special meals, with family and friends.

Lovingly made with the commitment and skill of an accomplished artist, these linen napkins are one of a kind.

How to clean these napkins: machine wash cold, with a mild detergent, then tumble dry and iron.

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