Eco printed linen makers fabric


This exquisite eco printed napkin was made using leaves from my garden. It is repurposed fabric, which makes it sustainable and gives it a new life! The size is approximately  38 cm x  38 cm (15″ square), with original stitch work in the fabric and a finished hem.


This sublime up-cycled linen fabric has been eco-printed and further enhanced by drawn thread work. Truly singular, it is an exclusive textile.

The leaf designs are created by ecoprinting technique

A natural chemical reaction between the foliage and dyes has caused the imprints to appear.

Imagine, Design, Gratify

This beautiful, linen fabric with eco prints is an ideal fabric for a sewing project, such as part of a quilt. Or it can become a part of a clothing item, scarf, change purse, pillow cover, handbag. These are examples of how my up-cycled napkins can be created into stunning and personal items. So many possibilities!

Certainly, it can also be used as a table napkin, for your high end dining pleasure!

The possibilities are only limited by one’s imagination and creativity.

Linen is my fabric of choice for several reasons

The fibre is very strong. To guarantee high quality and an enduring fabric, a lower thread count is needed. Since linen is faster drying than cotton, it is a great choice of fabric. Known for its absorbency, linen can absorb up to 20% of its weight, in moisture.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Sustainable methods give new life to this up-cycled fabric. Renewal means that a new item is created. And landfills have a bit less added to them.

The process of Natural Dyeing

Firstly, the fabric must be scoured. Then it must be mordanted in order for the colour to adhere or “bite” into the substrate.

My fabrics have been lovingly dyed and designed, with the commitment and skill of an accomplished artist.

Each item is dyed separately, which makes them different from others, in both colour and design. Be assured, that each item is unique.


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Brown, copper, Lime green, off white


oval, leaves


leaves, Linen, natural dyes