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Bucket bag with shibori and eco prints


This Bucket bag is eco-printed and hand dyed.
It is made from three medium-weight up-cycled cotton napkins, and has a pale purple lining.

The natural dyes used are Himalayan Rhubarb and Madder.


This Bucket bag with shibori and eco-prints is part of a limited edition collection. It is made from three medium weight up-cycled cotton napkins, and it has a pale purple lining.

The natural dyes used are Madder and Himalyan Rhubarb.

This bag has a simple form. It is very practical, for carrying small items, your favourite book, ipad, phone and keys. Or it makes a carry-all in which to put project materials (ie: yarns, pencils, journals)
The diameter of the bag measures  55 cm and it’s 30 cm tall (22 in x 12 in). It will last for many years to come; a perfect gift for a special friend or for yourself.

My customers have described my naturally dyed and eco-printed items (scarves, bags, tunics and table linens), as original, eye-catching and desirable.

Please note that colours can appear different from one computer to the next.

These fabrics have been lovingly dyed and designed, with the commitment and skill of an accomplished artist. And much effort has been made to sew a tailored product. This dyed & eco printed bag, with shibori stitch design will only look better with time and use!

Care of eco printed fabrics: spot dab with a mild detergent, and iron.
Long term exposure to direct sunlight is not recommended.

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orange, Pink, Yellow


leaves, squares


cotton, leaves, natural dyes