Photo documentation showing step by step progress

Whenever I am working in my studio, photo documentation showing step by step progress is a mainstay. Since my return home from India way back in April, I have been engaged on average 5 hours per day. I am in the midst of completing Tunic #14.

However, one of the tunics (#6), that I finished in June seemed to be missing something

Originally, this tunic had been dyed in several dye baths, including: cherry, logwood and cochineal/madder. I had also used Kumo and Nui shibori resist stitching to create the patterns.

Not satisfied with it, I have started reworking it, with a couple of more dye baths and eco printing. Since it’s summertime, there’s no shortage of leaves and flower blossoms that I can use.

I’ve had positive feedback whenever I have posted step by step photos of my work in progress. So, Tunic Number 6 will get the focus. I will add more photos as I progress, until it is finished. I hope you enjoy following along!

In the photos below, I had already dyed the tunic in Madder. Before I started to ecoprint, I dipped the tunic in a pot of Queen Anne’s lace dye, which I had made.

One more eco printing session and I think this tunic is finally finished

While the Nui shibori stitching is still evident through the layers, the final product is far more complex than the original. I’m happy with the result!

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