Mexican wall murals

In Mexico, wall murals are everywhere!

During the past couple of years, I have had the good fortune to get my travelling bags dusted off and put back to use!

Even though I live a relatively short flight (about 4.5 hours) from Mexico City, until 2022 I had not visited one of our closest neighbours!

Something that really stood out to me, on both visits were the high quality painted murals.

Wall murals are to be found virtually down just about every street, around every corner!

Puerto Vallarta, a day trip to Yelapa, Oaxaca City, Mexico City and Zipolite are the places that I spent some time. The photos of Mexican wall murals on this page are from those five locales.

Murals have a history in Mexico beginning with a very famous painter and muralist, Diego Rivera. The paintings of his wife Frida Kahlo have seen a huge popularity in recent years.

Although I was unable to visit the Presidential palace in Mexico City to view Rivera’s prized murals, there are plenty of murals of new artists works, on the walls of many buildings.

What is a wall mural

A mural is a painting, which is created directly onto a wall.

Since the beginning of humankind the first murals were cave paintings. Over the centuries, they have been included in classical architecture and in later years, they have become a form of public art. This is art that can be enjoyed by everyone, in their daily life!

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