May News 2015

Spring! Finally it’s here! In the past few days, spring and warm weather has finally arrived! So nice to be able to open the windows and sit outside!

The migratory birds are returning-our resident Swallows appeared a few mornings ago and a variety of ducks are swimming in the lake. I’m checking for new shoots in my garden daily, hoping that they all survived the very harsh winter.

As far as my art production goes, I’ve been creating diligently, Monday to Friday. I have been working in a different way than I normally do: making 2 to 3 pieces at the same time- a painting and a couple of collages. In the past, I would work on only one piece, from start to finish. This is a nice change for me.

At the beginning of this month, I have already half finished a new painting and a collage. The theme continues to be Lotus blossoms and their leaves.

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