December, the end of another year

The days and months are whizzing by (December, the end of another year!) and the weather is changing it’s mind daily! Warm, cold, snow, rain-you name it. A little bit of everything!

All of the garden chores have long been completed and the anticipation of winter weather is a regular topic of conversation.

As we are on the Great Lakes, winter weather here can be quite severe, with many storms, freezing temperatures for lengthy periods of time and lots of snow. However, this is considered an El Nino year, which often brings milder temperatures.

Last month I completed 2 scarves and 2 new paintings on paper. I have sold several of my scarves and am hoping that, with the Christmas season arriving, a few more sales will transpire.

My two newest paintings on paper are different from my previous works.

I have filled the entire page and also integrated quite a bit of black in the image. Normally, I like to use the background paper colour to be part of the final painting. I’m very happy with the results of these pieces! A detailed description and photos about the completion of the painting “Life span of the Lotus plant”, shown below, is written as a separate post, under that title.

IMG_3622 (1)

“Life span of the Lotus plant”, painting on paper, 54cm x 38cm

"Spirit of the Waters", painting on paper, 54cm x 38cm

“Spirit of the Waters”, painting on paper, 54cm x 38cm

The view outside my studio window is frequently dramatic. There is a great expanse of water and sky meeting on the horizon.

There are three islands gracing my view. Many storms come across this water in all seasons; an absolute pleasure to watch! These two photos were taken just days apart. Normally the weather at this time of year would be that of snow covered ground and many days of wind and raging waves.


IMG_3697Today’s work is a practice painting of 3 blue Lotuses, which I painted on hand-made Momi crinkle paper. The paper is soft and flexible, like fabric and the texture gives the appearance of stucco.

2 thoughts on : December, the end of another year


    January 2, 2022

    Daba ir skaista visos gada laikos un paldies par taviem posts–tie ari man vienmer patik (kad pieskedzos fb). Laimigu Jauno gadu, Maija.

      Maija Zemitis

      January 2, 2022

      Paldies, Daina! Man ir prieks ka tu izlasiji manu blog post. Es planoju vienu rakstu pievienot katru menesi 🙂

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