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“Autumnal Scarf”

Autumn here in Canada brings crisp, cool temperatures most days and the nights are cold. Thus, making an Autumnal scarf was just the ticket.

This is the season when people start to put away their summer clothing and bring out socks, sweaters and scarves.

If you live in the countryside, as I do, we also start to light the wood stove. All of the house plants and garden furniture that were set out in the spring are brought indoors, to be stored until next year. The leaves on the trees are changing colour and are slowly starting to fall. Some of our sunsets are very dramatic, not to mention the wave action of the lake!

Earlier in the week, I disassembled my garden pond, which was a new project this year. Of the 12 Goldfish that I purchased over the course of the season, only one hardy fish survived. He has grown quite a bit! Instead of leaving him outdoors over the winter I decided to bring him in. Several years ago, I was given a large aquarium to use in my classroom; at the time, I used it to teach a unit on plants and soil. We grew some beautiful tulips in it! I emptied out the dirt and filled it instead with water, some of my water lettuce and water hyacinths from the pond and I purchased 3 more Goldfish, to keep the lonely one company.

Fall sky overlooking Georgian Bay

My new order of blank scarves arrived yesterday.

These are somewhat longer and wider than the previous ones. In addition, I bought a couple of silk and cotton ones. This newest scarf, shown in this post, displays colours of fall leaves. The reds, yellows, oranges, browns and purples are colours that I normally don’t use together, but they are a gorgeous combination!

I’m partial to stripes in fabric, so I decided to implement them in this item. The result is very pleasing. Maybe you will agree!


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