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A favourite sitting place, with a fire pit, near a Great Lake!

Fortunately for me, I have a large garden with a fabulous view of Georgian Bay. A favourite sitting place for me is within metres, of this huge body of water! This lake is a part of Lake Huron, one of the Great Lakes, which border both Canada and the United States.

They are the largest freshwater lakes in the world! They include: Lake Huron, Lake Ontario, Lake Erie, Lake Superior and Lake Michigan.

However, the only one that is not within Canada’s borders is Lake Michigan.

I have favourite sitting places in many areas of my house

One of them is in my garden. This is a summer/nice weather sitting place only. It is protected by a cedar hedge on the north side and a forsythia hedge on the east side. Both hedges were planted by my husband and myself, at least 15 years ago. So, they are nicely developed. In the springtime, the Forsythias are a blaze of gold!

Just in front of the Forsythia, I planted a flowerbed, which is generally at it’s finest, in springtime. Here are Tulips, Daffodils, Hyacinths, Rose of Sharon, Poppies, Sedums and an autumn Anemone. Also, in the past year, an as yet unidentified small tree has rooted itself.

One of the features of this sitting place is my fire pit!

My Fire pit, in a sorry state after many years of use. Time for some repairs

I use this fire pit throughout the warm season, to burn the debris from my garden (twigs, dried plant matter). Summer days are very hot in this spot. It’s also a great reading area. During warm evenings, I love to sit there, with a flaming fire and some music, often listening to my ipod. But on occasion, with friends present, my husband will entertain us with guitar.

We bought this fire pit many years ago and over the years, it has deteriorated

But, I’m hanging on to it. I love the design. It’s raised on 4 legs and reminds me of a pagoda. Made of steel, it has slowly rusted due to the year round, seasonal ravages of Nature. It was repainted a few years ago, but now the bottom tray, where the burning wood rests, has completely rotted out.

So, on a cool, May long weekend in Canada, I spent some time in the afternoon, readying it for another year of enjoyment!

My fire pit is finally finished, with bricks surrounding it and a fresh paint job.

The birds are chirping in the hedges and all is good!

Painted and with bricks in place
Ready for another season or two

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