Natural dye studio in Gujarat

June 21, 2020
Dye pot with MarigoldWringing out fabric from Lac dyepotLac dye Undoubtedly, a visit to my friend Shafik's natural dye studio, in Gujarat, was another memorable, travel experience. Our stopover was twofold. First, we went to his studio. Shafik lives and...
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Visiting Sloth Bears at Indian sanctuary

April 12, 2020
This past February, I was visiting Sloth Bears at a sanctuary, for my fourth volunteer trip there! Elephants and Sloth Bears are the residents at this sanctuary . Injured animals, of all types or victims of Human-Wildlife conflicts are also...
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My Textile design path

January 29, 2020
My textile design path was influenced by a variety of things and situations. These include my Latvian heritage, printmaking, my love for colour and patterns, and textile designer, Zandra Rhodes. In my ongoing research of textile design, especially Natural Dyeing,...
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