The meaning behind the name of my art business, MaiTribe.

IMG_4966Often, I am asked what is the meaning behind the name of my art business, MaiTribe. There are two parts to this name: the first part Mai, is an abbreviated form of my name, Maija. I am of Latvian descent and my name means May. It is pronounced Maya.

The second part, Tribe stems from my ethnic inheritance.

Latvians came from tribes, starting in 900 AD.

The Latvian language is an Indo-European language. Of the various families, there are only two surviving Baltic languages- Latvian and Lithuanian.

The symbol most important to me is Zalktis (Serpent).

In Latvian mythology, the harmless snake Zalktis was the guardian of wealth and well-being and therefore had to be protected and cared for. It is also the sacred symbol of wisdom.

Coincidentally, I discovered many years after starting my business that there is a tribe of people in northern Thailand, called mai-tribe, or the long necked people. We are not related.

2 thoughts on : The meaning behind the name of my art business, MaiTribe.

    Kristina Birute Maus

    August 28, 2015

    Beautiful and sensitive work. I am of the neighboring tribe, Lithuanians, 😉 maiden name Cesnulis. Great to see another Artist with Baltic roots making gorgeous art in Bruce County. Congrats and continued success!

      Maija Zemitis

      August 28, 2015

      Labas and thank you Kristina, for the lovely comments!

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