March News 2015

I have recently returned from my amazing trip to Thailand and Cambodia. Although Cambodia was not part of my original plan, it was well worth it. I met many lovely people throughout my trip and had some great experiences! Our Cambodia trip was documented on film and photos by a young Australian couple. To view this, visit:

In addition, I volunteered for a week at the Elephant Nature Park, north of Chiang Mai and am currently working on some Lesson Plans, for a teacher of English, in Cambodia. Once a teacher, always a teacher!

In spite of travelling for 8 weeks, I found the time to work on my art; I completed 7 collages! The theme is the Lotus flower.

Now that I am at home, the weather is slowly evolving into spring, a time of rejuvenation. I will begin a new painting on canvas, continuing with the Lotus theme.

My work has recently been accepted in a new gallery: Wildewood Gallery in Maynooth. As well, some of my paintings are on display at Santa Fe Gallery in Owen Sound.

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