After many years of working with the airbrush, on canvas, paper and fabric, I have changed direction to a completely different medium-natural dyes and shibori tying on fabric.

Working on fabric is not an entirely new endeavour for me, as I did spend some time on silkscreening on fabric, years ago.

The seed for tying and dyeing on fabric was planted during a visit a year ago, to the state of Gujarat, in India. There, I met several textile artists, whom have practiced this craft for many generations.

My work gradually evolved from airbrushing on various types of paper to fabric, then to airbrushing and making scarves on silk.

I usually delve into a particular technique for 10 years or longer, until I feel it’s been exhausted. Such is the case now, of moving from painting with my airbrush to tie/dye of fabric.

A consideration of making this change has been the switch from acrylic paint to materials which are natural (silk, linen, cotton fabrics; indigo, madder, buckthorn, logwood etc. dyes)

While I briefly dabbled with some eco printing, using leaves and petals from plants in my garden, the real attraction was elsewhere. The turning point was a 4 day workshop on Indigo and shibori dyeing. After that, an intensive workshop at Maiwa, with the esteemed Michel Garcia brought it all together.

It’s always magical to remove the threads or the resist forms from a fabric, after it has been submersed and left in a dye pot for a time. Equally enthralling is the unpredictable colour result. It’s all about experimentation (and chemistry).

My recent art influences have been inspired by my travels, to countries such as Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Bali and most recently to India.

In Gujarat, India

All textile design products and fine art items are original, with only one made, by this artist Dismiss