Maija Zemitis

Welcome to my website, also known as my Mother Ship!

I am Maija Zemitis, owner and sole Visual Artist at MaiTribe Studio Gallery.

Over the years, I have worked in many art techniques including: printmaking, coloured pencil drawing, airbrush painting (on paper, canvas and fabric), papier mache, collages and Natural Dyes on fabric. My preoccupation of each one of these techniques has been total! Over time, I have merged several of them together. This has made my work visually richer and made me a more disciplined artist.

At this time, my focus is on Textile Design, using Natural dyes on fibres such as Cotton, Silk and Linen. As well, I use upcycled fabrics.

My resists in dyeing are: Shibori, Mordant & Dye Pastes and Botanical printing. I over dye all my fabrics, using several dye baths because I love the depth and nuances of the various layers of colours. My favourite and most often used dyes are Madder, Logwood, Himalayan Rhubarb, Goldenrod, Sappanwood and Osage Orange. I'm certain there will be others added to this list.
Because I am a strong believer in preserving the environment, my choice of materials reflects this belief.
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