Maija Zemitis

My present works are Natural dyes and Japanese shibori resist technique on fabric. On occasion, I integrate some Eco printing.

This long term interest, of textile inspired design has finally come into fruition

Now, I am immersing myself in this (ad)venture of surface design, on fabric. The daily results coming out of the dye pot are pure magic!

All items are hand dyed by myself, in my small studio, in central Ontario, Canada. These textile pieces include silk scarves, cotton daypacks and cotton tunics.

Made with care and passion, each individual item is unique

A large variety of natural dyes, including Madder, Logwood, Cochineal, Alkanet and others are part of my exploration. Some of the Shibori techniques I have used include: Arashi, Kumo nui, Mokume and Itajime.

Summer is here and I am able to collect local plants to make dye baths. These are: Sumac, Walnut, Yarrow, Goldenrod, Queen Anne's Lace and many more.

Recently, I had the opportunity to do some indigo dyeing, which I will pursue later in the year

During my upcoming travels, I will continue to make collages, using some of my previously airbrushed Lotus images, together with pencil and coloured pencil techniques.


All textile design products and fine art items are original, with only one made, by this artist Dismiss